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The National Palace of children is the greatest institution in Bulgaria for out-schools education, for organization of children’s leisure time and preventing work with youth. It is the only and unique government servicing centre of the Ministry of Education and Science on national level, offering different and attractive events in the sphere of culture and education through providing suitable environment for developing necessary skills and competence for successful realization of the youth and developing the European standards of education, work and life.
National Palace of Children is an out-school educative institution where children in pre-school and school age develop their capacities and gifts in more than 50 varied educative forms in the sphere of: Science, technics and IT; Arts; Sport and Tourism, Pre-school and kindergarten “Ljuboznaiko”, Educational centre “I know and I can”.

The educational program is based on more than 200 projects developed by highly qualified and friendly teachers, with proved achievements in the corresponding sphere.

National palace of children has necessary equipment for developing varying activities.

National Palace of Children coordinates the organizational and methodical aspects of out-school education in Bulgaria and the municipal out-school educational institutions.

As a national institution, National Palace of Children is a main coordinator of the activities enlisted in the National Calendar of Out-school Events by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. More than 70 national and international competitions are held every year and the National Palace of Children is a main coordinator of most of them.

National Palace of Children is an associated member of the European Association of Institutions for Children and Youths (EAICY).
National Palace of Children develops different projects helping the whole activity and successful organization of numerous and varied activities – campaigns, festivals, competitions, exhibitions, performances and concerts.
A special accent is to implement and to apply modern educational technologies to educational process and to update teachers’ skills aiming to the innovations and developing the knowledge.


  • “Biology, ecology and environment protection”
  • Lego constructing and playroom
  • Mathematics School
  • Photo and Video Art School
  • School for Young Astronomers
  • English Language School For Children in Pre-school and school age
  • English for fun – for children 4-7 years
  • Academy of Life
  • Computer Design
  • Internet Centre


  • ‘Bodra Smiana” Children’s Choir
  • Philharmonic Orchestra “Pioner”
  • School for playing classical instruments
  • Children’s Vocal Group “Slaveicheta”
  • Children’s Choir “Sladki Pukanki”
  • Vocal studio for pop singing
  • Vocal group “Rozovi Perli”
  • Studio for Classical Ballet Dances “Makove”
  • Studio for Modern Ballet Dances “Tzvetni Mechti”
  • Club for South-American Sports Dances “Still”
  • Club for Acrobatic Rock and Roll
  • School for Attraction Arts
  • Art Studio “Kato Lavovete”
  • Drama Studio “Zvezdni Migove”
  • Puppet-show “Zornitza”
  • Folklore Ensemble for Children and Youth “Izvorche”
  • School for playing folklore instruments
  • Folklore Dancing Ensemble “Badniche”
  • Folklore Choir Group “Shareno Kolanche”
  • Art and Folk Customs School
  • Applied Art School
  • Woodcarving School
  • Art of painting School
  • Fashion and Design School
  • Piano Classes
  • School for Young pianists
  • School for Young DJs
  • Studio for Literature ‘ABC”
  • Preparation Courses for Bulgarian Language and Literature


  • Shipmodelling and Carmodelling Club
  • Aircraft Modelling Club
  • Carting Club
  • Modern gymnastics Club
  • Kalanetics Club
  • Aerobics Club
  • Tae-bo Club
  • Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Club
  • Chess Club
  • Sports Climbing Club




191, Al.Stamboliyski Bld., Sofia 1309, Bulgaria,
tel:+359 2 9202317; Fax: +359 2 9202327;
e-mail: npc.bg@abv.bg
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